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Training Update (low HR training)

This is probably the HARDEST training, mainly because it doesn’t feel like I am working hard enough to yield results. Trying to keep my HR at around 135 but less than 140 is usually a slow speed of 5.8 mph. Last night I was able to run at 6mph for the same average HR, and that felt as progress. So I ran close to 9 miles at this low HR training.

Today I attempted to do the same, but based on the watch’s suggested workout (warm up, 25 min tempo, then low HR running base. I thought I did pretty well trying to keep HR low, but apparently it wasn’t low enough. Here is the review:

So with this run, my OCEAN Endorphin Speed 3 sneakers completed their 1/2 life at 200 miles. And they are still looking spanking new. Very happy with how comfortable they are and how cool they look.

So, as for the last 7 days of training I am right above 50 miles. That is right on target for training. I will keep working on this high mileage, low HR training.



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