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Training Update 4/5

Today I did not start work until 2pm. So I did a LONG RUN. Average pace 9:20 so overall pretty easy run, but almost 2hours while watching Netflix on the iPad.

As you can see in the picture above my average mileage per week is above 50 miles per week (>200 miles per month) the highest I‘ve ever done. And I finished last week just short of 70 miles! Trying to keep on building my base cardio at MAF, and definitely seeing the progress.

6-7 weeks ago I could not run more than 5.8 miles per hour without my HR jumping above 140. Now I can run at 6.5 miles per hour for quite a while before having to drop to 6.3 mph to keep my HR under MAF. But that is quite the objective / scientific improvement.

I am having the hardest time at working on anaerobic shortage or speed though. I just don’t feel like I have the energy to withstand it.

Still doing strength training here and there. BUT not as consistent as I should.

Next races:

4/15 ParkRun 5k (St. Luke’s Hippie Run) -

goal to reproduce my under 20min 5k on an actual run.

4/16 Disney Virtual 5k, 10k, and 10 miler (Springtime Surprise) - this will be just a ’completion run’ trying to focus on 1/2 marathon pace

4/23 St. Luke’s Half Marathon - goal is to breath my PB (Last year was 1:37:37, so I want to end up 1:35 or better)

4/30 Jim Thorpe’s Running Festival Marathon - #1 Goal - under 3:30 (PB is 3:45) #2 given the conditions of the course (1-2 percent downhill grade the whole length of the marathon, I am going to try to GO FOR IT, and get my BQ time 3:20).



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