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Training Update 3/9/23

Updated: Mar 10, 2023

Today I did a lower body workout (3 sets of each for a total of 20 mintues), then did a 10K series workout on iFit (total 1 hour at 7 mph average), followed by 1 minute of 11mph strides with 1 minute rest in between).

So before I started with RunElite Coaching, I was averaging about mid 30 miles per week. Apparently the #1 thing to improve in running is to run more. Not faster, Not harder, just more. TOF (time on feet) is the most important factor in improving running. So I decided to increase my base running, and since my hip is doing better, I have been able to increase my base training miles to just over 50 miles per week. My hope is to keep that going as I train to cut my marathon time and qualify for Boston Marathon (3 hr 15 min for my age group).

Here is some data from the last few weeks: (this is ONLY running)

Here is a video of the latter portion of today's workout!

The day is not over yet, so I do expect to do another workout in the late afternoon.

So I finished the day with a stationary bike ride while watching 'The Mandelorian' with my son. Did 10 easy miles!

My fitness level according to STRAVA:



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