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The day before the 5k

so tomorrow I will be running a 5k (Newtown Shamrock),

so technically today should have been a rest day to have my muscles nice and fresh for the race. We are, however, expecting a few inches of snow overnight so I don't know how fast I will be able to race and not sli p and fall on the snow/ice. Wish me luck! My target is to have a PB of <20 min 5k and or podium placement (best 3 in my age group).

I did however got up early in the AM and got a good workout in. Some warmup biking, then some whole body strength exercises, and a 5 mile run (varying pace run 3 min fast, 2 min faster, 1 min full speed x3 rounds).

So recover the rest of the day, carb load tonight, and enjoy a good race in the morning!



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