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Sub 20 min 5k

I finally did it!

It was the end of a long day…did a morning run, went to work in the ER (10 hours) then got home around 11pm and was feeling pretty good physically. So I decided to TRY and break 20 min.

I set up to start at 9 miles per hour and after a short while increase the speed of the treadmill. Increasing 0.1 miles per hour at a time until I realized I was not going to beat 20 min at this rate. Ended up increasing my speed to 10+ miles per hour and was able to complete the 3.1 miles in


OHHHHH MY! Finally, true I’ve only been running consistently for about 15 months now. But still, I have been so close but never breaking 20 min before. Yes this was a treadmill, and yes it was a completely flat course, with perfect temperature and all other influencing factors perfectly controlled. BUT it was midnight at that point, so there is that!



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