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Rest Day 3/7/23

So today was definitely a rest day...yesterday's workout left me quite sore AND my wife had a medical procedure. In the afternoon, I took the kids to 'Blue Mountain' to do some snowboarding. So I did a very gentle recumbent bike ride for a total of 9 miles.

The only thing I did today; which was quite an improvement, is I did a few sets of 20lb free weight bicep curls. So far since the surgery the most load I could put on the R shoulder had been 15lbs. But today I was able to do sets of up to 15 reps with 20 lbs so that was pretty great!

Also, another update, my R hip has not been bothering like it had been on weeks past. Still doesn't feel 100%, it is like I can tell it is sore but it has not lead to me limping or skip a running workout.



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