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Gratitude Post

Updated: Mar 10, 2023

This post is to help myself focus on the POSITIVE that is going on with my training.

#1 My right hip is no longer bothering me so much -

After I did the DOPEY Challenge in early January of 2023. My hip became very sore. It started as an anterior flexor hip tendonitis, but then progressed to a deep joint pain that made me limp and limit my running. Any run longer than a few miles would show up overnight with soreness and limping. This forced me to take on stationary biking as a way to keep training but not put undue stress on the hip. It is still not 100%, but probably close to 90% recovered. Still feels like an ache and minor pain on my gait when putting pressure on the R side. However I have been able to do my base miles (>50 per week at this time) and also my strides and resistance training.

#2 My right shoulder is recovering from the surgery - you might not know but I had surgery on my R shoulder to correct my AC joint (which I separated after a fall at the Spartan 10K trail run in July 2022). The surgery happened the second week of January 2023. So I am about 8-9 weeks out from surgery at this time. I am not supposed to do any significant lifting at this time, only range of motion exercises at this time.

Well, in the last week I went from doing curls with 15 lbs to 20 lbs and now 25 lbs. I could barely do but 2-3 push ups before surgery, and now I can do 15-20. Still I have to do them leaning mostly on my L side but I am glad that I am progressing. THIS is why I am grateful. I can't do significant overhead exercises or the hanging skills needed to excel during Spartan runs. So that has forced me to do more trail runs and road races. Tomorrow I will run a 5k, and next week I will run the Spartan 10k trail run in Conyers, GA.

I am grateful that I can train and challenge myself.

I am grateful that I can run and compete.

I am grateful for my healing shoulder.

I am grateful for my family and my wife's support as I continue on this journey.

This here is to establish my baseline ability at hanging for a given time period. I will update weekly as I increase my time to more than 4 minutes.



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