Abdominal Pain – inside the mind of a doctor

Abdominal pain is very scary,  there are a few diagnosis that we are very concerned about.   Like when someone shows up with appendicitis,  because there is potential for many bad illnesses. For example: appendicitis,  diverticulitis, a bowel obstruction,  abdominal aortic aneurysm, a spontaneous rupture of the bowel, etc.   There are many diagnoses that are potentially very serious and severe, some of them potentially surgical diseases  that we as physicians are going to worry about when we see someone with abdominal pain. So I am going to take you inside the mind of an emergency medicine doctor,  and how we try to figure out the cause of the abdominal pain. When I mention of specific diagnosis, I suggest she go to www.patienteducation.Video and search and find that specific diagnosis  and view the specific video on that subject.   Not all  these videos are made by me,  others are by other physicians, and other websites to better educate you better. First we going to ask the patient about the ‘character’ of the pain and help define it better. We are going to start  with the location of the pain. Where is it located? We divide the abdomen into 4 quadrants: RUQ – right upper quadrant LUQ – left upper quadrant RLQ – right lower quadrant LLQ – left lower quadrant That is going to help us zone in  the underlying structures of that particular quadrant.  For example, in the RUQ you have the liver and gallbladder, also the kidney posteriorly and part of the duodenum (bowel).  On the LUQ you will find not much there, you have kidney, bowel, and the spleen.  On the LLQ you will find diverticula, bowel (which can cause colitis) if you are female then also ovaries, fallopian tubes, and uterus. And finally on the RLQ there is the appendix, but also other diseases like mesenteric adenitis, kidney stones, of course female related problems.         screen-shot-2016-07-20-at-9-31-52-am Dr. Carlo Oller Board Certified Emergency Physician Please visit my website, www.DrER.tv make sure you subscribe, comment, and share! That is the best way to show your support.  

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