Raynaud’s Disease

About 5% of the population in the US have this condition. Raynaud’s is a rare disorder that affects the arteries. Arteries are blood vessels that carry blood from your heart to different parts of your body. Raynaud’s sometimes is called a disease, syndrome, or phenomenon. The disorder is marked by brief episodes of vasospasm, which is a narrowing of the blood vessels. Vasospasm of the arteries reduces blood flow to the fingers and toes. In people who have Raynaud’s, the disorder usually affects the fingers. In about 40 percent of people who have Raynaud’s, it affects the toes. Rarely, the disorder affects the nose, ears, nipples, and lips. Often, the cause of Raynaud’s isn’t known. This type of Raynaud’s is called Raynaud’s disease or primary Raynaud’s. screen-shot-2016-08-16-at-10-55-58-amDr. Carlo Oller Board Certified Emergency Physician       Please visit my website, www.DrER.tv make sure you subscribe, comment, and share! That is the best way to show your support.

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