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Welcome to PatientEducation.Video  … (powered by EDexitVideo) about 5 years ago I started creating an uploading videos to educate my own patients on their specific medical conditions for which they came to be evaluated and treated in the emergency department. I started making a few videos of the most common diagnoses and conditions seen in a typical emergency department. That collection of videos grew slowly but now has more than 1,000 videos as I continued to create content one video at a time. This library lives in between 2 YouTube channels: EDexitvideo, and theEDexitVideo (AKA DrER.tv). However it is hard for people to sort through my video collection and find what they are looking for using the YouTube search function (which a lot of people can’t even find). So I’ve been looking for a solution to that problem for a while. I spent a large portion of my 401K money to create www.EDexitVideo.com page. logo Basic CMYK This page is FREE to use by patients, and by registered users. This page allows the user to search for the video they are looking for and also allows the user to share such videos via social media and e-mail. It also allows registered users to create custom e-mails so that these videos can be shared with patients effortlessly. EDexitVideo contains some Google Ads to help generate the revenue for the cost of creating, maintaining and updating the page but due to ‘set up’ issues has failed to generate any income. Because it was created by a programming company and not by myself, I don’t have a way to edit the content or the flow of the page once it is published. This why I’ve come to create THIS page. My goal is to have the search functionality of WordPress to post one patient education video per post. This way I will be able to edit the individual content of the page at will and thus keep the content fresh and up to date. It will take considerable time and effort to do this. We are talking about 1,000s of posts. But my goal of providing FREE quality patient education to patients who need to understand their diagnosis, treatment, follow up, and reasons to come back to the Emergency Department will make this daunting task worthwhile. There are many ways by which you can help develop and grow this new page. #1 SUBSCRIBE – this will give you an opportunity to read new posts and watch new videos before anyone else. You will then be able to comment and give suggestions about the content, perhaps even correct some errors in grammar or even content. I would appreciate that very much as long as its done with love. By sharing through social media you are helping the page the video’s ‘VIRALITY’ and other patients needing this information will be able to find it better. #2 SHARE – every share is just a token of love towards my hard labor to keep and maintain this FREE patient education page. #3 COMMENT – I do enjoy reading your comments, suggestions, even corrections to the content. I do read them, although I don’t have the time to reply to them all. #4 AMAZON LINKS – this page will contain Amazon and other company associate links. I am not asking you to buy anything, but if you are planning on buying anything on Amazon…please consider using the various links that will be found throughout the posts to add and then purchase products. Amazon gives out a small commission from that sale, money that can be used to keep working on a more comprehensive, professional page full of valuable information. What is that? You still want to help but don’t know what else you can do? Send me an email to carlooller@gmail.com and I will tell you of a very easy way to help me that takes NO work or money on your part.
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Dr. Carlo Oller dr oller cartoon holds iPad
  Dr. Carlo Oller Board Certified Emergency Physician

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