Arm-Pit Abscess

Patient with a growing abscess in her armpit presented to the ER for evaluation and treatment. She had a history of similar infections in the past, and she already was on BACTRIM for 3 days. However, the infection kept growing and hurting more and more. The patient received a shot of IM Dilaudid for pain… Read More »

Gum Abscess Video

This is the FULL FOOTAGE video of the gum abscess drainage procedure. This patient had presented to the emergency department about 48 hours prior to my evaluation. He had blood work, pain medication, IV antibiotics, and a CT scan of the maxillary area. The CT scan showed an area of cellulitis and early abscess formation,… Read More »

Preoxygenation and Prevention of Desaturation during Airway Management INTRODUCTION 1. General Information  Maintaining oxygen saturation during emergency intubation is critical  Desaturation (oxygen saturation below 70%) increases risks for:  Dysrhythmias  Hemodynamic decompensation  Hypoxic brain injury  Death  Critically ill patients are at higher risk of desaturation and the attendant complications. 2. Article is a review of preoxygenation… Read More »